safe phone app for kids


Get the Holler'd Phone App + UNLIMITED Calls + Texts on the Holler'd Safe Network for just $20 each month, or just the app for $10/mo!
Holler'd OS + Umidigi A7 Pro / Black
Holler'd OS 10
16 MP AI Quad Camera
6.3" FHD Screen
4 GB RAM + 64 GB Storage
2 Day Battery Life
2 Day Shipping
Includes Activation
Includes Insurance with $50 Deductible

Choose Cosmic Black 
Holler'd OS + Umidigi A7 Pro / Blue
Holler'd OS 10
16 MP AI Quad Camera
6.3" FHD Screen
4 GB RAM + 64 GB Storage
2 Day Battery Life
2 Day Shipping
Includes Activation
Includes Insurance with $50 Deductible

Choose Ocean Blue 
All Holler'd Phones Come with:

No Calls From Unknown Numbers

No Calls To Unknown Numbers

Safe Internet

Limited Apps

Spotify App

Zoom App

GPS Tracking

Unlimited Safe List Numbers

Unlimited Blocked List Numbers

T-Mobile Coverage Area

Custom HollerdOS

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Kids need a safe way to Zoom for classes?
Get them a Holler'd phone!
In this pandemic, as parents we need give our kids a device to help them learn as classes go virtual. We also hesitate to buy them their own phones as we don't want them calling people we wouldn't approve of or staring endlessly at their phone screen. This is why we made Holler'd. Now you can get your kids a phone, and have peace of mind.

Holler'd provides both the phone and the mobile service at a low, monthly rate that is cheaper than a typical phone plan.
 What does "Limited Apps" mean?

We include just the dialer, the messaging app, the Holler'd Safe Browser, Spotify, Zoom, calendar, camera, photos, calculator, music player, clock, contacts, and voice recorder. Also, there is no Play Store to download new apps.

 What about data and wifi?

You can connect to Wifi to let your kids use the Holler'd Safe Internet browser. We are working on adding new data plans to Holler'd. With Holler'd, your kids can only go to sites you have actually allowed.

 Are y'all local to the Austin area?

Most of us are. Others are in San Antonio TX / Nashville TN / Peoria IL.

 Our kid broke thru parent controls before. How is this different?

You might have used a Parental Control app. We took the Android operating system and changed the internals to create our controls and add security. It is impossible to break OS level controls.

 Is GPS available?

It sure is! Currently, you can see where your child is. Soon, our GPS will also include a 24 hour location history so you can see where they have been in addition to where they are now.

 What does the Unlimited Plan include and what the other plans do you have?

The Holler'd Unlimited Plan includes unlimited calls and texts, an no data with Wifi-only browsing.

Soon we will add another plan that has unlimited calls + texts, and data for use with the Holler'd Safe browser. We haven't set a price for that yet.

 Is coverage the same as my current T-Mobile phones?

Yes, it is identical to what t-mobile publishes. We use their network.

 So the phone is a pseudo-smart phone?

It is actually a full smartphone! We have modified the operating system to make it safe for kids but it is capable of running Android apps. In the future we plan to make our own safe Play Store with a curated set of apps, and you will be able to safe list, enable, or disable apps as well.

 Is this offered nationally? I could tell my friends & family in Missouri, Alaska, California?

It is available everywhere except for Alaska. Please let your friends know about Holler'd!

$30 per month

Holler'd Phone
Phone Insurance with $50 Deductible
Unlimited Calls
Unlimited TXTs
Safe Internet
Money Back Gurantee
GPS Tracking
TXT Monitoring (Coming Soon)

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